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Vance Mangum. Just rolls off the tongue doesn't it? Give me a moment to gather myself because at the mere thought of his name, my heart starts racing and my knees weaken. Sigh. Ok where was I - oh yes, Vance Mangum. The book world has a new bad boy and what a bad boy he is. The first image you get of Vance is him wearing a leather jacket outside of school, leaning up against his motorcycle. Can you see him? Ok now add amazing blue eyes, a rock hard body and a smile that will drive you crazy. He has a wicked sense of humor and like all bad boys, has a tortured and mysterious past. Oh and did I mention he has magical powers? Yep, I can hear your heart beating faster from here. Delicious huh? Right from that first moment of meeting him, Vance grabs hold of your heart and embeds himself deeply. He's the boyfriend you always wish you had in high school, the boy who when he walks into a room everything reduces down to a whisper and you find yourself drawn to him. He finds your eyes and with that smirk that melts your insides, he walks to you, letting everyone know that you're the one he wants and that to him, no one else matters. Everyone else may think they "know" him but you do - he's devoted, loyal and completely into you. It also doesn't hurt that he kisses like the devil and that he has the ability to scramble your brain with that incredible sexy raised eyebrow. He's the reason why you get up in the morning, why you find yourself with a goofy grin on your face and why you find yourself doodling your name and his wrapped in a heart whenever there is a pen nearby. He is irresistable and 100% unforgetable

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Genius Behind The Bad Boy

So here she is, Lacey Weatherford, author of the YA paranormal romance series Of Witches & Warlocks and creator of the hottest new bad boy, Vance Mangum. I want you all to get a really good look at her because not only will you be seeing alot of her in the future but when you find yourself wandering around sighing with doe filled eyes, chasing unsuspecting guys on motorcycles and breaking out into love songs dedicated to Vance, you'll know who to blame. She's the reason why readers around the world are losing sleep from all night reading marathons and for the millions of wishes and prayers being offered daily that women can find a Vance of their own. For most of us, it seems as if there has always been a Vance Mangum, the guy that leaves us breathless and begging for more. But did you know he almost didn't happen?

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Yep, you heard me right. Vance Mangum wasn't part of the original idea Lacey created for her story. The series was to center around Portia and her best friend Shelly, the theme of magic running through it as Portia explored being a witch with magical powers.  But even then, Vance begged to be heard, sparking the idea to include a love interest for Portia. Lacey shares on her website that it was during a long 3 hour drive one night that she felt the story needed a "hot, hunky guy" who could "spice things up". Through a fated sign bearing the name Vance and the surname of a family friend, Vance Mangum was born and with that, forever changed the hearts of readers worldwide.

If you asked Lacey what she thinks and feels about Vance, she would passionately share that she wanted Vance to be the epitome of her desires in a hero.
"I love hot guys in romances, but I never could find the one that was "perfect" for me. Something was always lacking. So, I decided to write the guy that fulfilled my wishes and desires. I wanted him to be extremely good looking and charismatic, but at the same time I wanted him to have this tough edge to him. He had to be someone who could be relied on in a fight, yet willing to fight beside me, instead of for me. I wanted him to be protective and loving but just a little bit dangerous too. The kind of person who you think you are standing on firm ground with, but there is always just this tiny, unstable edge where you're never perfectly sure of what he might do. I wanted him to be human too, tempted to do things, but to have the integrity to withstand temptation as well. He needed to be the epitome of all that is perfect in a man when you look at him on the surface, but as you peel back the layers underneath, that is when his true character is revealed. Either way ... in the flesh, or in the soul .. I wanted him to take my breath away"
Well, what do you think readers? (if it's at all possible to think after hearing the reason why Vance is who he is) Can you see why I loudly and proudly declare Lacey Weatherford as a genius? In her simple wish to write a character who appealed to her on all levels (like she said "to take my breath away") she created a character so powerful, so real that Vance reaches to us through the pages of his books and steals our breath, reducing us to emotional puddles on the floor.

I tell you this, and you can quote me, remember the name Lacey Weatherford because it definitely won't be the last time you hear it. Lacey jokingly shares with those around her that she welcomes people into her delusions and to that I reply "Lacey, if Vance is who I'll find there, move over and order in pizza." And I have a VERY strong feeling that as more and more people discover the perfection of Vance, that her delusions will be crowded in no time.

** For more information about Lacey Weatherford, visit the official Of Witches And Warlocks website )


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